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Never Before Has This Group of Presenters Come Together

Mark Anthony Lord
Host | Creator | Minister
Mark Anthony Lord, Host, Creator, Unity Minister
Sunshine Daye
Cohost | Author | Speaker
Sunshine Daye, Co-Host, Author, Speaker
Alexandra Billings
Actor | Author | Activist
Alexandra Billings, Actor, Author, Activist
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder & Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center
Christian de la Huerta
Author | Teacher
Christian de la Huerta, Author, Teacher
Rev. Deborah Johnson
Founder of Inner Light Ministries
Rev. Deborah Johnson, Founder Inner Light Ministries
Byron Katie
Author | Teacher
Byron Katie, Author, Teacher
Bishop Yvette Flunder
Senior Pastor, City of Refuge, United Church of Christ
Bishop Yvette Flunder, Senior Pastor City of Refuge Unity Church of Christ
Dr. Sue Morter
Master of Bioenergetic Medicine | Quantum Field
Dr. Sue Morter, Master Bio-Energetic Medicine, Quantam Field
Bishop Carlton Pearson
Progressive Spiritual Teacher | Peace Agent
Bishop Carlton Pearson, Progressive Spiritual Teacher, Peace Agent
Jumoke Patrick
Executive Director, Jamaican Network of Seropositives (JN+)
Jumoke Patrick


Bishop-Elect Dr. Vanessa Brown
Senior Pastor, Rivers of Living Water Ministries
Rev. Dr. Vanessa Brown, Pastor at Rivers of Living Water
Rev. Ken Daigle
Senior Minister, Unity San Francisco
Rev. Ken Daigle, Senior Minister Unity San Francisco
Rev. Juan del Hierro
Associate Minister, Unity on the Bay
Rev. Juan del Hierro, Associate Minister Unity on the Bay
Rev. Karen Frost
Senior Minister, Spirit Uncensored
Rev. Karen Frost, Senior Minister Spirit Uncensored
Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes
Spiritual Leader, First Unity Spiritual Campus
Rev. Temple Hayes, Spiritual Leader First Unity Spiritual Campus
Rev. Vaile Leonard
Founder/CEO of Light of Truth Center, Inc.
Rev. Vaile Leonard, Founder/CEO Light of Truth Center Inc
Rev. Sal Sapienza
Author | Pastor, Douglas United Church of Christ
Rev. Sal Sapienza, Author, Senior Minister Unity Church of Christ
Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins
Author | Senior Minister, Sunshine Cathedral
Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins, Senior Minister Sunshine Cathedral, Author
Rev. Evin Wilkins
Unity Minister
Rev. Evin Wilkins, Unity Minister

Global Pride Spiritual Summit FAQs

Is this event tied to a specific faith tradition?

This is a nonreligious, spiritual gathering. Unity and the other spiritual organization partners are members of the New Thought movement that focuses on teaching people about their inherent oneness with love—or call it the Universe, Source, Creator, God—any word that works for you is the one you can choose. 😀

We believe in your inherent perfection and worthiness, and that’s what we’re coming together to affirm and celebrate.

You will meet New Thought ministers from Agape International Spiritual Center, Association for Global New Thought, Divine Science Federation International, The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, Universal Foundation for Better Living, and Unity.

Will I miss out on anything if I don’t attend live?

This virtual summit has been created to give you an experience that takes you deeper into your own spiritual growth and simultaneously connects you with other LGBTQIA+ fellow seekers from all around the world! You can watch recordings later, but you’ll miss out on personal exploration and a greater understanding of yourself and your experiences.

For those attending live, there’ll be breakout groups and loads of opportunity to meet new friends. And, we have to be honest, we want to get to know you too! With that acknowledged—of course, if you have to miss a segment, we understand. You’ll still be able to enjoy what you can attend live, and remember, there’s always the opportunity to purchase the summit for your own viewing and listening pleasure.

Will there be an opportunity for me to connect with others?

Absolutely! This is one of the most exciting parts of this summit. Every segment of the summit is designed with time for reflection and sharing. You will also be invited into breakout groups, where you’ll be able to safely and candidly share about your experience as well as support others on their journey. We are already holding everyone in prayer knowing that new friendships will be ignited and people will be saying, “I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime!”

What technology do I need?

If you want to get the full experience, we recommend you have a desktop, laptop, or cell phone with video and audio capabilities. Screen off, audio only is always an option and totally acceptable during the event. Camera-on is our preference so we can see who we are interacting with throughout the weekend!

Do I need to keep my camera on during the experience?

No, you don’t. However, you might want to consider making your hair presentable because once you see all the fabulous people who are attending, we’re guessing you’ll want to show your face so we can see you too! 😀 Seriously, cameras off are totally good with us.

Will I be able to engage with the speakers?

The Global Pride Spiritual Summit is a hybrid of live and prerecorded interviews. So yes … and no. The presenters streaming in live will have an interactive Q&A component after their presentations. There will also be time for sharing after the prerecorded presentations.

We are grateful for the Global Pride Spiritual Summit partner organizations: