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Plan Your Next Retreat or Event at Unity Village

Located on 1,200 acres of beautiful grounds, consider Unity Village when you plan your next retreat, conference or workshop. We provide a place of hospitality, offering overnight accommodations, meal plans and rentable space to help you create the perfect experience for your guests.

At Unity, we’re positive your group will feel comfortable and find peace in our quiet, spiritual setting.

Upcoming Retreats and Events

Tending the Threshold: Navigating Traumatic Times With Love, Joy, and Beauty

With each new day, our hearts are broken by the news of suffering caused by catastrophic fires, floods, hurricanes, violence, and the deaths of friends and strangers both near and afar. Yet deep in our souls, we know life’s tragedies can also yield hidden gifts of profound healing, renewal, and thriving. Gradually, we discover how catastrophes can even become sources of gratitude. With faith and courage, we learn how to open these gifts, mend our broken hearts, and move forward with mystical wisdom, mature hope, and newfound inspiration. What if we are standing on a threshold between who we have been as a species and who we are being called to be? The calling is much less about surviving and much more about thriving, but to thrive, we must emotionally and spiritually mature into a new kind of human being by opening to the planetary rite of passage that our predicament compels us to enter. The journey is about reconnecting with ourselves and our deep inner wisdom, with each other, and with earth. This workshop will offer a weekend of connecting with these three sources of meaning as we navigate the journey together in love, joy, and beauty.

Presenter: Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.

Dates: April 4–6, 2019

Registration info: People may call 303-818-5293 or email (email preferred).

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W-Holy You! Rediscovering Your Wholeness. Celebrating Your Sacredness.

Holy (adjective): Having a spiritual and pure quality

You (pronoun): A beautiful soul, yet also fully human

Whole (adjective): Complete

W-holy You: Sacred. Enough. Loved beyond words.

If only the rest of the world could experience the love that will bathe those gathered for this extended weekend with spiritual teacher Suzanne Giesemann. You will learn to connect with the Greater Reality and understand the fullness of who we really are. We will form lasting, loving friendships on the sacred grounds of Unity Village, breaking bread together each day and feeding our souls each moment. We may even ask the same question as our time together concludes: “Can we bask in this joy, this gratitude, this palpable light just a bit longer?” We will return home with higher perspectives and new tools to heal our us. We will depart uplifted and transformed, having rediscovered the wholeness of our true selves. Come and join us!

Presenter: Suzanne Giesemann

Dates: April 11–14, 2019

Cost: $444 per person

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2019 Silent Unity Retreat. Heart of Healing: Our Stories, Our Prayers

Retreat Intentions:

  • Renew and rest
  • Make new friends
  • Delve into Unity healing principles and practices (emphasizing that healing doesn’t happen to us but arises naturally as we align in the truth of wholeness)
  • Explore the value of storytelling as a healing practice
  • Devote time in the Silence and spiritual celebration

Presenters: Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, vice president of Unity Prayer and Practice, Rev. Juan del Hierro, associate minister at Unity on the Bay in Miami, Florida, Joy Perrie, director of Silent Unity, and award-winning singer/songwriter Marcy Baruch will inspire and guide your experience and expression of true divine nature.

Registration info: To register, call 816-251-3540.

Dates: April 25–28, 2019

Cost: All participants who register on or before March 1, 2019, pay $499. Any registrants after March 1 will pay $549. Cost includes retreat experience and meals. Hotel and transportation are not included and must be booked separately. We have limited space at Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center. Book early!

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