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Heartland Yoga Festival

Join us June 22–24, 2018 at Unity Village for the premier yoga festival and celebration in the Midwest!

An idea brought to life by three Kansas City yogis, the Heartland Yoga Festival will feature amazing area yoga teachers, tons of local Kansas City shops, beverages, and delicious bites, plus provide a beautiful space for you to dive deeper into your practice, connect with nature, and get to know the KC yoga community better. More than 50 yoga, wellness, and mindfulness workshops, local rock star teachers, amazing KC vendors, marketplace, sunshine, and heart-filled community!

Your ticket includes classes, workshops, and Saturday lunch!

Dates: June 22–24, 2018

Cost: January 1–March 31    $300
          April 1–June 22    $375

Register online at

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Many world-changing visionaries and heart-centered entrepreneurs declare they are ready to change the way they are doing business … yet few ever do it in a deeper way that satisfies them. The suffering of this pain shows up at many conscious leadership meetings, and these groups, it seems, have no deeper answers for what to do about it.

You can only find out by getting out of your day-to-day comfort zone. The most powerful and quickest route to truth is through the practices of meditation, self-inquiry, and contemplation combined with powerful transformational techniques and an aligned community that is there to support you deeply in being your truth.

You have a deep power and unique gifts that, when more fully realized, will propel you into the fully embodied enlightened success you want for yourself, those you are here to serve, and ultimately our entire world.

If you feel like you are disgusted, frustrated, and angry about where you are with your business and you want to “get out of the box” and finally “be yourself fully”… done with the old ways of being in business and want to claim your path to enlightened success, then I am so grateful to offer you this Awaken to Millions—Silent Meditation Retreat™.

Presenters: Daniel John Hanneman

Register online at AWAKEN TO MILLIONS™

Dates: June 24–28, 2018

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Fillmore Festival: Roots and Wings

Immerse yourself in the history, legacy, and consciousness of Unity founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, at the Fillmore Festival. Walk the grounds the Fillmores walked, meditate in their offices, and help us rededicate the Myrtle Fillmore Grove at Unity Village. Celebrate these archival treasures with others who care deeply about Unity heritage and the Fillmores’ teachings.

Dates: August 16–19, 2018
Unity World Headquarters in Unity Village, Missouri

Cost: Early bird $239 through June 1, 2018; $289 after June 1.
Cost includes retreat experience and five meals. Hotel and transportation not included.
Space is limited. Register now!

To register, call 1-866-324-5996

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Dance in the Spirit Retreat

Many ancient cultures and traditions knew the power of dance to celebrate, communicate, ask, change, heal, grow, and receive. Drawing on dances from ancient people’s spiritual practices from around the globe, this retreat expands bodily connections to intuitive knowing. You will come away with these outcomes:

  • Energized daily sacred dance practice and knowledge of your Inner Mystic Dancer
  • Connect sacred dance through self moment by moment and increase your awareness
  • Living more fully from the spiritual center
  • Tapping in to collective spirit consciousness through dance
  • Shared spiritual bond with others

The format includes learning the Spiritual Dance Posture, warming up, dancing with music, reading, meditating, writing, and reflecting. The researched and historically accurate dances will be presented in pedestrian moves, such as walking, turning, etc. The dances are low impact. No prior dance experience needed. This workshop is designed for adults 18 years and older.

Dates: September 28–30, 2018

Presenters: Dr. Carla Stalling Huntington, Unity Magazine® author of “Dance That Really Delivers” (May/June 2018 issue), presents this retreat. Carla has published numerous books and articles, including Dance, Consumerism, and Spirituality, and is the owner of Dance in the Spirit, an organization dedicated to bringing sacred dance to the world to facilitate a positive human experience.

Registration information: $560 per participant includes all workshop materials and meals. To register, call 417-388-3474 or register online.

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2018 Nehemiah Service Retreats

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”—Mahatma Gandhi

Like Nehemiah in the Bible, our Nehemiah Retreat volunteers come together in sacred service to rebuild and restore the grounds and buildings of Unity Village for one week. In exchange, Unity provides complimentary room and board. Enjoy spiritual programs by Rev. Michael and Joy Perrie and a special meditation by Rev. Therese Lee.

Dates: October 7–12, 2018

Both weeks FULL!

Learn more and apply.

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