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Fillmore Festival: Roots and Wings

Immerse yourself in the history, legacy, and consciousness of Unity founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, at the Fillmore Festival. Walk the grounds the Fillmores walked, meditate in their offices, and help us rededicate the Myrtle Fillmore Grove at Unity Village. Celebrate these archival treasures with others who care deeply about Unity heritage and the Fillmores’ teachings.

Dates: August 16–19, 2018
Unity World Headquarters in Unity Village, Missouri

Cost: Early bird $239 through June 1, 2018; $289 after June 1.
Cost includes retreat experience and five meals. Hotel and transportation not included.
Space is limited. Register now!

To register, call 1-866-324-5996

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25th Annual ISSSEEM Conference: Finding Balance

We live in a world where we are faced daily with a multitude of choices through radio, television, internet, magazines, newspapers, our families, and communities. Our choices tend to reflect our religion, sexual orientation, career, education, health, and life style in general. Each of us is challenged to make choices that help us live better lives despite the constant barrage of outside sources.

“Finding Balance,” the theme of the 2018 ISSSEEM Conference, reminds us that the process of healing requires looking at all aspects of the body, mind, and spiritual components of dis-ease. We will explore a wide variety of healing modalities, from the form of a pill to the power of sound vibrations, and to the power of healing thought practices to even looking at past life influences on the body and mind. Join us as we focus on choices and approaches we can use to find and maintain a balance that both serves us personally and serves the communities to which we belong. Presenters include: Dr. Richaritha Joy Gundlapalli; Teresa Helgeson, CHT, RMT; Janalea Hoffman and Amy Rice; Dr. Eric Nepute; Dr. Patrick Porter; Dr. C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Sergey Sorin; Dr. Thornton Streeter; and Peter Woodbury, MSW.

Registration: Call 888-272-6109 extension 2 or register online at

Dates: September 5-8, 2018

Cost: $400 through July 31; $450 August 1-31; and $500 after August 31. (Pre and post conference workshops and meal plans are available for an additional fee.)

Learn more at ISSSEEM.ORG.

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Unity World Day of Prayer 2018

September 13 marks the 25th anniversary of Unity World Day of Prayer. The focus of this year’s event will be the 24-hour Prayer Vigil starting at 7:30 p.m., September 12. Join us and thousands of individuals and communities around the world as we affirm: I am a healing presence.

This year’s theme is “Courage to Heal” and live events will be held at Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village, Missouri. Events will also be live-streamed at Join us for music, prayer, and meditation as we support and strengthen our courage to heal ourselves, our communities, and our world. Music for this year’s event is provided by Here II Here, with video presentation by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett of Unity World Headquarters, Rev. Dr. David Alexander of New Thought CSL, and Bishop Yvette Flunder of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

Dates: September 12-13, 2018

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Dance in the Spirit Retreat

Many ancient cultures and traditions knew the power of dance to celebrate, communicate, ask, change, heal, grow, and receive. Drawing on dances from ancient people’s spiritual practices from around the globe, this retreat expands bodily connections to intuitive knowing. You will come away with these outcomes:

  • Energized daily sacred dance practice and knowledge of your Inner Mystic Dancer
  • Connect sacred dance through self moment by moment and increase your awareness
  • Living more fully from the spiritual center
  • Tapping in to collective spirit consciousness through dance
  • Shared spiritual bond with others

The format includes learning the Spiritual Dance Posture, warming up, dancing with music, reading, meditating, writing, and reflecting. The researched and historically accurate dances will be presented in pedestrian moves, such as walking, turning, etc. The dances are low impact. No prior dance experience needed. This workshop is designed for adults 18 years and older.

Dates: September 28–30, 2018

Presenters: Dr. Carla Stalling Huntington, Unity Magazine® author of “Dance That Really Delivers” (May/June 2018 issue), presents this retreat. Carla has published numerous books and articles, including Dance, Consumerism, and Spirituality, and is the owner of Dance in the Spirit, an organization dedicated to bringing sacred dance to the world to facilitate a positive human experience.

Registration information: $560 per participant includes all workshop materials and meals. To register, call 417-388-3474 or register online.

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2018 Nehemiah Service Retreats

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”—Mahatma Gandhi

Like Nehemiah in the Bible, our Nehemiah Retreat volunteers come together in sacred service to rebuild and restore the grounds and buildings of Unity Village for one week. In exchange, Unity provides complimentary room and board. Enjoy spiritual programs by Rev. Michael and Joy Perrie and a special meditation by Rev. Therese Lee.

Dates: October 7–12, 2018

Both weeks FULL!

Learn more and apply.

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W-Holy You! Rediscovering Your Wholeness. Celebrating Your Sacredness.

Holy (adjective): Having a spiritual and pure quality

You (pronoun): A beautiful soul, yet also fully human

Whole (adjective): Complete

W-holy You: Sacred. Enough. Loved beyond words.

If only the rest of the world could experience the love that will bathe those gathered for this extended weekend with spiritual teacher Suzanne Giesemann. You will learn to connect with the Greater Reality and understand the fullness of who we really are. We will form lasting, loving friendships on the sacred grounds of Unity Village, breaking bread together each day and feeding our souls each moment. We may even ask the same question as our time together concludes: “Can we bask in this joy, this gratitude, this palpable light just a bit longer?” We will return home with higher perspectives and new tools to heal our us. We will depart uplifted and transformed, having rediscovered the wholeness of our true selves. Come and join us!

Presenter: Suzanne Giesemann

Dates: April 11–14, 2019

Cost: $444 per person

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