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Professional/Commercial Photography Policy

Unity welcomes professional/commercial photographers and their clients to enjoy the beauty of the historic and picturesque Unity Village campus. Outlined below are the guidelines and fees for professional/commercial photographers. Unity considers a professional/commercial photographer to be anyone providing photography services for a fee.


All professional/commercial photographers must properly display an official Approved Unity Photographer badge while performing professional photography services at Unity Village.


  1. Visit the Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center front desk and ask for the Approved Unity Photographer badge.
  2. Professional/commercial photographers have the option of purchasing a one-day or annual pass (see pricing below).
  3. Passes will be processed and distributed immediately upon payment.

NOTE: Any professional/commercial photographer who does not purchase and display their badge will be subject to the following:

  1. First inquiry: informational warning with instructions about the policy and signed acknowledgment from the photographer.
  2. Second inquiry: potential trespassing charge.
  1. Photographers are not permitted in restricted areas or interior spaces.
  2. Photography is not permitted inside any of Unity Village’s buildings without the prior written consent of Unity Hospitality management.
  3. Photographers and equipment placement must not impede the flow of employee, vehicle, or visitor traffic.
  4. Unity has many private residences and multi-resident facilities. Photographers are prohibited from taking photographs near or around any such residence.
  5. Please do not disturb any flowers or plants growing on Unity Village property.
  6. Photography is not permitted in the fountain courtyard area during scheduled wedding or event time periods.
  1. Drones are not allowed at Unity Village. Exceptions may be made for paid wedding parties (with prior approval from the Unity wedding staff) or for special publicity purposes (with prior approval from the Unity president).
  2. Photographers and subjects must not sit, stand, or lay on any structure or balustrade.
  3. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  4. Photographers not adhering to the rules and regulations may be asked to leave the premises immediately and may forfeit their photographer’s badge without refund.
  5. Photo credit should be given to Unity Village in all published photos—Location: Unity Village, Missouri (

Revised March 2020

  1. Date-stamped one-day pass is $100.
  2. An annual pass is $500 if purchased between April 1 and September 30. A half-year pass can be purchased for $250 after October 1. All passes expire on March 31.
  3. Cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted.
  4. All proceeds will be used to offset the costs of maintenance on Unity grounds.


Photography is an excellent means of extending the enjoyment of a visit to Unity Village. Badges and fees are not required for family, prom, homecoming, or other photos taken by family or friends. Unity encourages amateur photography as long as it does not interfere with scheduled events, visitors/guests, or employees in their spiritual workplace. All rules and regulations must be followed in order to ensure photographers and visitors will have optimum visual, spiritual, and educational benefits while on the Unity Village campus.

The above rules and regulations must be followed in order to ensure professional/commercial photographers and visitors will have optimum visual, spiritual, and educational benefits while on the Unity Village campus.