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Whether you’re visiting Unity Village for a wedding, meeting, retreat or just here to enjoy the beautiful campus on your own, we welcome you! Here are some helpful guidelines and information to to guide your visit:

  • Please be respectful of others and refrain from excessive noise or loud music.
  • Most campus buildings will be locked after normal business hours. If you need assistance or a public restroom, please visit either the Bookstore and Coffee Shop or the Hotel. You may also call Unity Security at 816-347-5535.
  • Please do not climb on railings or flower urns, or wade in the fountains. For your safety, Unity Security monitors these areas.
  • The grounds and buildings are smoke-free. A list of designated smoking areas is available at the Hotel and Conference Center.
  • Please keep vehicles on paved roads and park only in designated spots. When walking, please stay on the trails.
  • Guests are welcome at our many benches and tables. Or bring a blanket/mat to enjoy the lawn.
  • Do not bring outside alcoholic beverages.
  • The nature trail covers 2.4 miles, and hiking is at your own risk. Deer, fox, raccoons, and snakes are commonly spotted on the trails. Please stick to the trails and bring your cell phone for emergencies.
  • Fishing in the lakes is prohibited.

Download a copy of a self-guided campus tour brochure, or visit the Unity Village Bookstore and Coffee Shop for a printed copy.

Disability Accommodations
Although we continually strive to make the campus accessible to all, the Unity grounds are expansive, building signage and elevators may not be enhanced for those with visual impairment, and not all of the wheelchair accessible routes/entrances are clearly marked. We do not have sign language interpreters on site nor designated staff who can provide personal care assistance while you are here. If you need accommodations for a retreat or stay with us, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, including providing contact information for local resources. Please allow us to make plans with you and answer questions before your visit by contacting Customer Care.

Please call Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 p.m. (CT): 816-251-3540.
Send an email to

Service dogs are welcome anywhere on campus.  Handicap accessible rooms are available at the conference center upon request and subject to availability.

Pets are allowed on the Unity Village grounds as long as they remain on a leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed inside any buildings on campus, including the Hotel and Conference Center. Please clean up after your pets while here.

There are no ATMs available on campus. Cash (in U.S dollars), personal checks, American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the Bookstore and Coffee Shop and the Hotel and Conference Center.

Professional Photography Policy

Unity welcomes photographers and their clients to enjoy the beauty of the historic and picturesque Unity Village campus. Outlined below are the guidelines and fees for commercial photographers. Unity considers a commercial photographer to be anyone providing photography services for a fee.

All commercial photographers must properly display an official “Approved Unity Photographer” badge while performing professional photography services at Unity Village.

Drones are not allowed at Unity Village. Exceptions may be made for paid wedding parties (with prior approval from the Unity wedding staff), or for special publicity purposeswith prior approval from the Unity president.

Motion picture production groups must contact Unity World Headquarters President and COO Guy Swanson at least two weeks in advance to secure permission to film at Unity Village.

Any commercial photographer who does not purchase and display their badge will be subject to the following:

  1. 1st inquiry: informational warning with instructions about the policy and signed acknowledgment from the photographer.
  2. 2nd inquiry: potential trespassing charge.


  1. Visit the Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center front desk and ask for the Approved Unity Photographer Badge. 
  2. Commercial photographers have the option of purchasing a one-day or annual pass (see pricing below).
  3. Annual passes include a listing on the website as a Unity-preferred photographer.
  4. Passes will be processed and distributed immediately upon payment.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Photographers are to remain on paths, grass, walkways, and accessible common areas at all times.
  2. Photographers and equipment placement must not impede the flow of employee, vehicle, or visitor traffic.
  3. Unity has many private residences and multiresident facilities. Photographers are prohibited from taking photographs near or around any such residence. 
  4. Flowers and plants (and related plant markers) must neither be removed, altered, nor treated in any manner that will interfere with normal growth.
  5. Photography is not permitted in the fountain courtyard area during scheduled wedding or event time periods.
  1. All photographers are guests of Unity and may not discourage other visitors, employees, or those attending scheduled events from entering any common area, structure, or roadway.
  2. Photographs of subjects in the Unity Village Chapel or spiritual areas are not allowed (except as part of a scheduled rental event).
  3. Photographers and subjects must not sit, stand, or lay on any structure or balustrade.
  4. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.   
  5. Photographers not adhering to the rules and regulations may be asked to leave the premises immediately and may forfeit their photographer’s badge without refund.


    1. Pricing: date-stamped one-day pass is $100.
    2. Annual pass is $500.
    3. Cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted.
    4. All proceeds will be used to offset the costs of maintenance on Unity grounds.


  1. Charges may be waived or reduced if the purpose of the photography is educational or spiritual.
  2. When photo credit is given, it should be given as “Location: Unity Village, Missouri (”
  3. AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is an excellent means of extending the enjoyment of a visit to Unity Village. Badges and fees are not required for family, prom, homecoming, or other photos taken by family or friends. Unity encourages amateur photography as long as it does not interfere with scheduled events, visitors/guests, or employees in their spiritual workplace. All rules and regulations must be followed in order to ensure photographers and visitors will have optimum visual, spiritual, and educational benefits while on the Unity Village campus.

The above rules and regulations must be followed in order to ensure photographers and visitors will have optimum visual, spiritual, and educational benefits while on the Unity Village campus.